Yesterday I finally had time to sit down and watch Season 11 Episode 5 of Doctor Who. I found the protocol for containing danger intriguing. From the outside, it is perfectly rational. Destroy the ship if it contains hazard that cannot be controlled. This is necessary sacrifice. However people on board would like to struggle until the last moment where they either succeed or bring disaster upon the head everybody else.

The problem seemed to be a lack of communication. There was no way for the ship to explain the situations to the headquarter. Everything was run by following a fixed procedure which is unlikely to cover all situations.

Also I don't remember why straying off course would lead to the headquarter detonating the bomb on board. This should be relatively corrigible, no? Not an expert on interstellar communication or navigation.

So far those lot could have died at least twice. One from teleporting into void and this time from explosion of sonic mine. H2G2 calculated the odds of getting picked up in void before dying to be slim.

Good luck, adventurers!

I think the Doctor should start a persistent connection to his/her Tardis as soon as he/she steps outside of it and be able to send a signal to summon Tardis. I'd like an analogous system on my bike as well. I park it, walk off to far away places and forget where I last park it. Then I visit my location histories one by one to reclaim it.