Reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? III

Chapter 7

Buster Friendly and Wilbur Mercer. The cat is Rick's neighbour, Ed Smith's? What is Milt up to with the ersatz animal when it is ready?

I am progressing slowly. :3

Aside: All good thing not coming to an end

I also read light novels. I don't know a definition, but somehow they just read lighter. One gets engrossed by the story fast and one craves to know how it will develop. One gets serious about the novels as their themes turn heavy. Then at this point the authors stopped writing or branched into even lighter events happening in the fictional world. Resolution never comes. Stories never end satisfactorily.

Chapter 8

Polokov or Kadalyi?

Chapter 9

Now I don't know what to believe. Anyhow I know that I don't believe that there was a time anomaly.

I hate this feeling so much that events you remember don't match up with what others remember. False memories are easy to form and difficult to correct.

Chapter 10

Now the Voigt-Kampff test sounds dubious to me as it depends on empathy. Resch's reflex-arc test just feels so much more objective. We still have two realities. All of a sudden Rick's phone calls no longer worked. Had he been hallucinating? This story probably inspired Ghost in the Shell.

Ghost in the (Bash) Shell (Wrong picture)

Guard your user name and machine name as if they were your password.

Do psychologists' tests really work? For example, what is autism? Is everybody on the spectrum? What is the norm? I guess I will never understand, but I will try to understand spectral decomposition. :3