Reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? IV

Chapter 13

I didn't write about the several chapters that precede this one.

How come Garland didn't know about Polokov while the Batys and Pris knew???

Chapter 14

Strange that the number of friends doesn’t match. Pris said that there were 8 of them and she listed Polokov, Garland, Luba, Hasking, Roy and Irmgard (page 118). One name is missing. Then when Roy and Irmgard showed up, they said that Bounty Hunters got Polokov, Garland, Anders, Gitchel and Luba and that the three of them were all that was left. Thus Hasking is the surname of Anders and Gitchel?

Pris is so strange. Was she trying to cover up or she sincerely thought that they were hallucinating humans.

Chapter 15

'Rosen entering a room with a sofa covered in Rick's hide...' is hilarious. Should I fail to mention Android sex?

Aside: reading is a solitary affair or you suck at finding community.

As I read, I think about discussing the book with others, but others are not reading it. Even if they have read it in the past, memories fade and no deep discussion can be achieved. Well, even if they are reading as well, it is still hard to have deep discussion.

In universities, students live together and there are book clubs and they read the same thing at the same time. Then gradually people form families and their focus of life becomes something else. All of a sudden, people start to have dichotomous views of what matters most.

Hey, I want to find a reading community. Wait, I can't commit too much either... as I have other priorities as well. Thus I won't find community.

In human society, it is so hard to find the community you feel belonging. With vastness of net, you cannot find what you want.