Reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

This is interesting that the author hurled one new concept after another at you! I like it! I hope that you don't read this blog article.


F*ck intro. Intros are never meant to be read before the book proper. They either spoil the fun or you totally don't get what they talk about until you finish reading the book.

Chapter One

Penfield??? What's the deal with animals???

Chapter Two

Wilbur Mercer???

Chapter Three

Well, still emphasising animals.

Chapter Four

Voigt-Kampff scale???

Chapter Five

OK. We see Voigt-Kampff in action except that we are all androids. The annoying Rick is perceptive. Tuji suddenly grew a liking toward him. Those andys are also made of bone and flesh. :O

Guess what? I've read up to Chapter Five now. :3