Reading Graphic Novel

Tuj is not very good at distinguishing the various forms in story-telling with pictures. People constantly stretch old forms and invent new terms to distinguish themselves. This time let's call the stuff graphic novel, because the book is in colour and the dialogues are excessively long.

Everyday Tuj reads 4 - 6 pages of a graphic novel. That is the total amount of reading Tuj does everyday. If one reads at such an abominable speed, one notices that each scene lasts about 4 pages. Thus the reading experience is not too fragmented. However to have fun in reading, one needs to read much more at a time. Tuj's ultimate goal is to be able to immerse in the book so that the reality fades out completely. As nothing comes natual to him, Tuj does not seem to be able to enjoy himself without practising enjoying himself first.