Recalling People

Today I did a lot of service work (half-heartedly?!). Finally as I was heading to a seminar on a stairwell I saw a familiar face. Obviously this was our speaker! I would have known his name by reading seminar announcement before hand, if I had not been so busy crunching other stuff and trying to satisfy the impossible demand of producing one number to represent the whole thing. I would have had time to recall where we had met and we would have some friendly small talks. The end result was that we both recognised each other and smiled at each other and went into the seminar room silently...

Then I had the advantage of being audience and made the recall before he did. I remember you and I am enthusiastic about your work and your visit. <3 We met not so long ago. Why did the psychological time elapse so much? Probably I spent too much time on Discord. Now that I quit, I could feel something consolidating.

After the seminar, I bumped into an acquaintance from  5 years ago. We both had been randomly moving about from continent to continent. Just consider the chance of ever meeting again!

The paths that led us together were so unstable, a little whim on the part of anybody could have changed everything. There is so little under one's control unless one is the absolute number one.

What if I had gone into anther field? What if I had looked more promising so that my master decided to let me consider some other topics? What if I had spent more time learning and thinking instead of gaming and drawing? What if my friend had not emailed me about a position last year?

This day last year, I remembered that I was crying silently on a train in the town N because of friendship. 😳 I also missed a pretty crucial talk which could be a cusp in my life. I remembered the terrible 3-months long period of mixture of headaches, cold and flu. There were 2 power outages, the last one being just one day before my flight to an interview on another continent. The streak of bad luck somehow amused me. Then the tide turned. Another cusp in life is right now. The choice is obvious, isn't it?