Today I had a very very long talk with a person. He hinted that all my past frustration, unfulfillment and rage had come from not feeling respected by others. This is something to ponder. It is probably true.

Added: An example

Why do I feel that people here are nicer? When I ask them questions, they listen and answer. Why did I feel bad in my previous place? People generally ignored me until a big shot mentioned to them that I was associated with another big shot. I wish that whey would judge me on the merit of the question I raised?

I once wrote that I had not been treated humanely. It looks that I also meant a lack of respect, but I didn't know exactly why I felt bad. Born into the world as a tool to carry out duties others envisioned for their own profit. I don't want to think back any more. I am so pissed.

There were things I didn't like and either I did not express my opinion out of fear of repercussion or I did not want to express my opinion because it would never ever make a difference other than taking up my time.

During the discussion, we both acknowledged that most people had been brainwashed and most did not realise it and would exclaim blasphemy when hearing an opposing opinion. By testing alternative hypothesis and asking why things are, it may be possible to get out of the brainwashed status. Thus there is also a recipe to prevent people from un-brainwashed. Just prevent people from seeing the alternative by limiting freedom of speech and freedom of press. Quarantine the rare dangerous sparks of ideas. Also make people outright lose head, when they feel opposed, to break up further discussion which may undo brainwash.

What do you think of my scheme? me playing villain again. Please let me know if my scheme has any singularity, oops, loophole.