Revisiting Mars

I vaguely recalled the ending of a father and a son becoming new Martians and I was very moved by the scene. I remembered it to be magically romantic. (My memory is a bit off. It was a family of father, mother pregnant with a daughter and three sons. Also one more family will join them.) Thus I decided to read the Martian Chronicles properly... only to find that I don't like it so much any more. 😢 The becoming Martian part is still magical, but I start to worry about their reproduction problem. This small group of people would just breed among themselves? Shudder.

Can people see Earth that well in the night sky of Mars with naked eye? All one sees is probably a blue dot just as people on Earth see Mars as a red dot. I doubt if people can see atomic bombing taking place on Earth.

When war break out on Earth, people go back unanimously? To fight? To check out friends on Earth, to live off them and then to die with them? Is Earth still the centre of their being even when they moved their home to Mars? This is unimaginable for me. During wartime I do not expect to be able to sustain myself. In the book, the people who stayed on Mars were either those who inadvertently missed the rockets to Earth or those who wanted to avoid getting picked on. Coming to think about it, probably I am of the latter type.