Scary Trip

Tuji's flight due to head into the region ravaged by typhoon got cancelled. Thus Tuji got stranded. The kind host arranged an extra night at a hotel for us and we even climbed a hill in extreme heat. The heat was severe. You sweated and the sweat coated you. You felt hot and futile. Gradually my clothes were frosted with salt residues... So that's some text record of the heat. It all went smoothly thanks to our host.

Tuji managed to buy new tickets for the next day. The change service kept failing him. The website on which he booked the flight was badly prepared for the volume of requests to change flight. It let us choose what to change to, queued our requests and after several hours told us the chosen flight had become full. Tuji felt very frustrated especially when he has an international flight coming up in two days.

Is it going to be safe enough to land? Let's see in some hours. Tuji felt scared, but he really didn't have any idea of proving conjectures. Even though it is OK for him to perish as nothing will be lost, he would like to continue trying to understand things, which others may have already known...

A sleep-deprived Tuji landed. A new flight awaits.