Shin'en Λ and Mutoh Λ

These are two hard bosses in Terra Battle that have plagued me for quite long. Once you acquire the necessary units you realise you can put up a fight now.

Shin'en Λ

He's a piece of cake once you disarm his kinetic cannons. [to fill in details] Thus we move onto Mutoh Λ.

Mutoh Λ

I had done a blind run with my most powerful physical units, because obviously I hadn't had any photon units. I managed to reach the stage when Mutoh Λ summoned twisters. The stage called for levitation. Thus my units were levitated. Per game logic, they received twice the damage from twisters. The end result is that levitated units die as soon as they touch a twister. In addition, grounded units die as soon as they touch floor spikes, though they can take one-hit from twister. Thus we present the Mutoh Λ conundrum.

Half a century later...

I acquired several magic augmenters like Tronic Gal, Zafitte Λ and Annu and some photon units like Ba'gunar Λ and Sayu Λ. First I tried a run with two magic augmenters and burst around two turns after Mutoh Λ summoning staves, but she survived with just a little bit of HP left. After that there were two turns to kill her or get killed, but the twister-spike made it impossible to make a pincer.

A natural reaction was to throw in more photon damage dealers. Sorry, I ran out of photon units already. Thus a natural reaction for me was to throw in a third magic augmenter. Strangely the result was similar to the runs with two magic augmenters. It was then I noticed that with Schweiz bows to add magic, 6 charges of augmentation of magic already hit the cap of maximum magic attack value.

Well, let's put in Daiana Λ who is immune to twister. I gradually got the hunch of what triggered Mutoh Λ to ground the units as she summoned twisters. She will ground the units if and only if there is no unit over spikes. Once units are grounded, it is possible to use Daiana Λ to manoeuvre a bit to make pincers if situation was favourable. That was how I did my first successful run. It was tough and relied too much on luck.

How about we put in a magic defence impairer? I put in Gigojago Λ, only to witness when the moment came that Mutoh Λ was immune to magic defence impair. However her physical defence did drop. Well, that was something. This run left Mutoh Λ with less HP than before, which boded well.

Fine, let's also put in some physical attack power as well. Gatz Λ looked especially promising, especially he can levitate at the beginning of the stage. The run went too lucky. When Mutoh Λ summoned staves, two of them just sat shoulder to shoulder right next to Mutoh Λ on one side, making a triple pincer possible. I jumped for the chance and burst Mutoh Λ down even though I was looking for a more stable way of fighting. I also threw out Schweiz bows for Holy dragon Z's for stability. Each double pincer would then cut down Mutoh Λ's HP by about 100000.

Then next run was without triple pincer... which is more of the norm. I just bided the time by killing the staves and then did a double pincer on Mutoh Λ. Then it seemed the right time to burst and it worked. We never saw the twisters. Sigh, one resolves the conundrum by never getting into it. As a side note, the damage was enough to tag on a Kiss Bottle on Gatz Λ.


That was challenging and fun. This game could be so much more fun if it used a more sensible way of building up one's roster of units. Instead it imposed a gatcha system which made battle designs difficult. Do you ramp up difficulty to cater to whalers in possession of the rare units and exclude casual players from fun challenges? Or do you aim for a broader audience and trivialise contents for whalers?