Shutting down old server

Tuj received an invoice for server rental, but he decided not to pay. As a result, Tuj will lose the right to use the server. Tuj sheds a tear because we have been together for a year and Tuj is very emotional. ;_;

Tujiland will be here on this sassy new server. It has dropped many of the negative posts which still exist in the backup database files. After sharing his thoughts with a very optimistic person and getting feedback, Tuj suddenly wanted to do all sorts of nice things. On the other hand Tuj's hard work made doing nice things possible, as much of the burden on him is gone now. Even with the burden, he should have retained some more uplifting entertainment.

What Tuj wants to do:

  1. Go to a museum.

In the past, Tuj was member of the Met and he went every week. He generally walked there through the sprawling lawns, passing a big reservoir around which people jogged. He had taken in the view of cherry blossoms as well as the splendid autumn colours. In winter he had unknowingly ruined the tracks for cross-country skiers with his big heavy boots.

Tuj is aware of a very nice exhibition in the neighbourhoods (not within walking distance though). Let's go.

  1. Draw a picture
  2. Meet all the sassy new things