Slow-reflexed Tuji playing Dandara (4)

Finally Tuji made it to the end of dreaming which is also the beginning except this time he made it in with the correct entrance so that the lever became accessible. He acquired the Pearl of Dreams.

After the rain of rice-beads and various other hazards, he rested, dreamed and sleepwalked. He woke up in the tent of the Breach. Lasers shone bright, but they fizzled out when the werewolf slaves powering them were dispatched/released by Tuji. He dived from one room to the other. Two little figures, driving turrets of beams and cannons after Tuji, laughed maniacally. They succeded in eliminating Tuji many times. Finally Tuji shot down one of them before getting killed. The deeds were rememebered. When a resurrected Tuji arrived at the same room, only one turret greeted him. It was taken down shortly. The world achieved better connectivity as the gate dissipated.

It was time to descend to the golden fortress.

To be continued.