Slow-reflexed Tuji playing Dandara (5)

Hell broke loose in the Golden Fortress. Tuji disliked the Triangle Heads and the Strongmen strongly, which did not prevent him from receiving a lot of damage. By this time, Tuji had acquired a ton of health, which tided him through. On the other hand, Tuji enjoyed dancing with the staff guy which throws 3 rice-beads at Tuji or with the scythe guy. There was a kind of rhythm to the battle: you evade, aim, wait, shoot. Thus Tuji totally hated the enemies that messed with his dance with death, but he learned to use rotating platforms to segregate the enemies.

Again he made stead progress, of course, punctuated by deaths.

At one point Tuji encountered a hateful gateway that can only be blasted open from the other side and that barred him from landing onto the turning platform across. Later Tuji made it to the other side via a deadly circuitous route. It was hatefully out of the way: direct shots can't reach it. The turning platform was also out of jumping distance... Tuji thought about using Logic Shot to bounce shots onto it, retracing the steps and finally going through the gateway... Anyway he attempted the Harmful Beam method and it... worked! He landed onto the turning platform. What great saving of mileage!!!

Tuji carried over 5000 salt and was in deadly fear of losing them. Yet due to fear, his movement stuttered and he took much unnecessary damage. He made it back to camp with all resources depleted and two hearts remaining. He hastily used the salt for upgrades.

Finally Tuji entered Eldar's room, only to be crushed by a television within seconds.

To be continued.