Slow-reflexed Tuji playing Dandara (6)

The boss battle commenced anew as Tuji came back from Oblivion.

He had devised a strategy: Anxiety Shock. Actually he himself was in anxiety as he had been sent to Oblivion many times already.

He spammed Anxiety Shocks onto the television and then concentrated on evading, while the Shocks wore down the television. It was trivial. In time the poor television broke.

Then the chorus ball manifested itself. Due to the training Tuji received from Bélia, the heart, it went smoothly. He also managed to refill energy and landed more Anxiety Shocks. Before he knew it, the ball dissipated, leaving a twitching malformed human figure in the centre. Wait, Tuji did it the first time facing this boss!? Wow, slow-reflexed Tuji sure had come a long way.

Tuji waited. Nothing happend... In the end one still had to shoot the poor twitching figure...

Eldar fell to Oblivion, which means that he would come back again and again... just like Dandara.

90% chests. 99% exploration.

Wonderful game.

Tuji noticed from staring at the map that one of the rectangular-ish rooms has an unnatural dent, which, when blasted, revealed a hidden door!

100% exploration.