Slow-reflexed Tuji playing Dandara

First of all, I died all over the place and all over the place floated eerie corpses of those who came before Dandara. They died of sadness, loneliness and other normal causes.

I died on the fireball-spurting vehicle boss... Then I died many many times on Augustus. Friggn wolf guys kept spawning! To make matters worse, my aiming was too bad to take out the wolf guys in one-shot give me an landing place. It took me many trials. Dandara's actions are remembered, which means the number of deaths are remembered as well. Keep hopping to the front and shoot. Missiles have longer ranges, which helps a bit.

Then I also died many times on the dart-spitting and fireball-squirting flower guy blocking the way... until I realised I could spam my missiles. Missiles shoot much faster.

After getting the remembrance stone, hell was set loose. I had a very hard time tracing my steps to the camp ground near the circle corridors. Some platforms needed to be propelled by gun shots. Charging a shot also moves the platforms slightly. I was bad at cancelling a shot. Due to relatively high HP and relatively effective HP-restoring orbs, I made it to the camp.

The circle corridor came to life under the influence of the remembrance stone as well?! Missile-spamming did not work. They didn't seem effective?! Keep shooting and get the hell out of harm's way. Be prepared. When you see the cue, move. Moving short distances is effective. Sometimes I just did a side-way swipe and trust my luck. I didn't have time to aim my hop. The music is invigorating and encouraging and didn't dull even after so many deaths.

Dandara's gun, or whatever that should be called, charges and then fires. It feels realistic, which makes the game challenging and, to slow-reflexed Tuji, sometimes infuriating. However the hard-won success was so satisfying that I appreciate it very much. All is forgiven.

[This is my current progress. Dandara is nice!]