Social Networks

I was startled that Pinterest is actually classified as social app. I am using it as drawing references... There are a lot boards on drawing, poses, anatomy... I don't see why I need people to comment on my personal collection of art references.

Recently my art friend got me onto Instagram. I have been using it to post my photos of interesting parts of the city and my rough sketches of paintings. The finished ones still go to DeviantArt. I regard Instagram as photo album... And it is also considered to be a social app. The photos on Instagram are supposedly genuine. However the users are not genuine. There are a lot of ad accounts. I find it annoying that they come to like my photos. I just want my small circle of friends to see my photos and let a few wanderer strangers who appreciate the beauty of the world stumble upon. Currently I am actively blocking people who like my photos and who do not look genuine.

Can we not conflate photo-sharing with socialising?