Squashed Two Bugs

The Sass space used to be missing in title of hotd of 2016-03-17. We used to set innerHTML of a <div> which has display: flex. Flex display wraps bare text in an anonymous thing. Probably this is the reason of a space getting eaten. Now we set innerHTML of a <p> element.


This is a rounding issue... Thus we moved the balloon up by 1px to have some overlap with triangle. Also moved opacity control to a proper element so that the overlapped part does not have double opacity.

The fixes may take some hours to propagate. Paddington1 noted that the styles of www and blog were completely different. There is no easy fix. Let us deal with content first.

  1. We should change font.
  2. We cannot just change background colour to match with blog. It looks horrible.
detached arrow in tag