Staring into Black Hole, Changing to a Sensational Title

First thing first, the speaker taught us how to write German letters to avoid any confusion. He obviously had that person who could not distinguish the letters p, y and g from last time in mind. Then began the lecture proper. It was all about how automorphic forms play a role in the cohomology of Shimura varieties. There are two hard theorems relating  (g, K)-cohomologies with coefficients in smooth functions, automorphic forms and L^2 functions. We are aware of some their applications and some delicate points in using them.

Then we had a very big lunch complete with soup, main dish and dessert. Then following the footsteps of great scientists, we took a stroll in the wintry sunshine around a pond. We took in the tranquil view and read some famous sayings on a weird sculpture nearby. Even in this peaceful place, the turmoil back in our world still seeped in, making us aware that it had never lost its grip on us... We shivered in the lukewarm sunshine.

We walked towards the lecture hall with heavy steps. At the entrance, we had a little conversation with the warm-hearted kind courteous speaker of the morning.

Then we sat through a lecture on black holes. Now we are supposed to give a summary on black holes... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Let's see what we still remember. Kerr black holes are stable under small perturbation but they may end up in a different final state. However the Schwarzschild space is not stable. We chuckled when the slides showed the phrase 'in light of'. The speaker talked a lot more, but we drifted off. We did not even know the Einstein equation which is known to all Earthlings. ;_; We know nothing beyond our little bubble.

It is a great problem that physicists take meaning of symbols for granted. We are not supposed to know that E stands for energy for example. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Tuj throws an Eisenstein series towards the speaker. What we wanted to know was that E is a function on a space.

Then we had tea. It was very difficult to have a conversation with our adviser, because he was too fast. He just filled in the words for both of us... while we were thinking and speaking. What was worse was that he filled in what he thought we would say rather than what we wanted to say. We were very busy answering questions that he totally led the conversation. Zero conversation skill vs max-level conversation skill.

It is difficult to describe the next lecture. We think the essence was still the comparison of multiple relative trace formulae. What was new was probably the new formulation in terms of spherical varieties.

Then we took a stroll into wildlife refuge. Several buildings stood at the end of a path. They were well-kept; yet there was no trace of humans, as if we were in a scene of Myst. Birds were startled as we aimlessly approached a river. We turned back to find a deer-like creature gazing upon us warily. Then it dropped its gaze. Another deer-like creature emerged and then another and another. They shook their white tail and trotted away. We then retraced our steps back to our temporary home. Despite the soothing environment, an impulse to kill rose inside us. We wanted all the legacy to be annihilated so that change would occur.