Yet another blog article on anime. It started really really mundane and incoherent, but I kept on watching one episode per day. One day something changed so that I had to rewatch episodes 1 and 2. I really enjoyed the show. Oh, what I just said may not make much sense if you have not watched it.

OK. Spoilers ahead.

Time travel is a prominent element in this series.

When Okabe said that he experienced Reading Steiner when he was little, I thought that the world line changed at that time as well. Thus I strongly believed that the key point to saving Makise Kurisu was to undo that world line change as well. It did not turn out to be the case.

Suzuha and Okabe time-travelled to the day Kurisu was stabbed and managed to save her on the second painful trip. I did notice that Okabe created a time paradox in the metal Uppa. As he took away the metal Uppa, his past self got a different Uppa! Didn't Suzuha say that Okabe must make his past self experience the same events?

That minor issue aside, I noticed the important thing that the current Okabe would become well-funded as soon as he sold the metal Uppa he got!!! Funding for more Future Gadgets! :3

In the end, Kurisu was lying unconscious but alive in Okabe's blood. I wonder how police investigation would go.

In this world line Kurisu's manuscript on Time Machine was destroyed, but this does not mean that other researchers would not be able to develop the theory again independently. It is highly likely that SERN or some other organisation would manage to build a time machine. It looks that these organisations were just in better hands that dystopia or war was avoided.