The Betrayal of Magic Keyboard

Tuji used a broken magic keyboard to assist digital painting on PC. He was an infrequent painter unlike the great Freon, son of the Demonic Streamer. As a result, the magic keyboard slept through the long days, biding its time. One day it dawned on Tuji to charge up the magic keyboard. He plugged a lightening cable nearby into it, unaware of what this entailed.

Meanwhile Tuji fell for the charm of Procreate of iOS. He dumped his dark thoughts onto the world and threatened it with eternal winter.

Time passed. After the wild ride on the train of procreation, Tuji returned to a painting he left behind on the platform of PC. He reached for the magic keyboard only to find that key presses woke up an alien machine. It had lent its power to the magic keyboard and captured it... Only the master of the alien machine could sever the bond.

Tuji put down his pen and googled about how to win back the magic keyboard. Stay out of the range of bluetooth, was the ominous solution. Up sprang Tuji and ran as fast as he could away from the impending doom with the magic keyboard.

Oh, I got tired of this non-sense.