The Days without PHPMyAdmin

... are pretty good!

Anubarak-sensei introduced Tuj to the tool, PHPMyAdmin, to manage his cute little MySQL databases. It was quite slow, because of the need to form big tables in HTML and Tuj's Internet connection is subpar. It was also quite cumbersome, because of the need to input different passwords, TWICE, in our set-up. The good point is that Tuj does not need to know any SQL.

Now we ssh to the server and work in the mysql repl. SQL is like text adventures. After knowing the verbs, like SHOW, DESCRIBE, CREATE, GRANT, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELECT, DROP, one is good to go. Tuj likes to z in text adventures BTW.

The first thing we did was to DROP the extraneous ghost users created when we messed up the ghost installation many times. Then we CREATEd a backup user with read only privilege to dump the databases. (People say that LOCK TABLES and SELECT are the only privileges that are needed.) We saved the backup user's password in a plain text file for mysqldump to read. Finally we added a line to crontab to dump databases everyday. Then we are to manually scp the dumped file to somewhere safe everyday... maybe not very safe. That is our ad hoc back up scheme!

This blog is now stuck on the ghost subdomain?!