The Horrors of Learning Anatomy

Here I collect some eerie snippets on learning anatomy.


Finally he managed to locate his 7th cervical vertebrae. It was time to attach some tendons and muscles to flesh himself out.

Magic Spell

He stood in front of a mirror, gazed upon bumps and dents on himself and was lost in thought. Then suddenly something dawned on him and he muttered 'Latissimus Dorsi', feeling the words rolling on his tongue and consciousness. Stepping away from the mirror, he went back to work.


‘What are you carrying?’ the man gasped and asked, as he saw some little bits flew out of Tuji’s bag as Tuji was carelessly packing away his stuff. They looked like little clavicles and scapulas broken off from tiny victims. Tuji grinned menacingly/awkwardly.

[I made some models of bones from kneadable eraser to help with learning anatomy...]