The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

I didn't play this game. I learned the story from Syntax.

First let me fill in the beginning of the story.

Once upon a time there was a wolf who liked to sing. A prince heard her and his curiosity goaded him to find out the singer. The wolf was startled to see the approaching prince. She did not want the prince to find out her true identity! In a panic, she lashed against the prince and blinded him.

Syntax continues:

"So after the wolf blinded the prince. The royal family locked him up in the dungeon, because having a blind son is very embarrassing. The wolf went to go find the prince. She wanted to take him to see the witch of the forest. The witch is very wise and could heal the prince's eyes. So the wolf went to talk to the prince and the prince asked the wolf who she was. She said she was a princess from a neighboring kingdom, and had heard of the prince's troubles. The wolf left to talk to the witch and the witch said that she must bring the prince to her, but how can the wolf bring the prince when he is blind and the forest is so dangerous? The witch suggested to give the wolf a human form and then the wolf would be able to guide the prince through the forest to see her. In exchange for the prince's eyes, the witch took away the wolf's singing voice and gave her the form of a princess, like the prince believed she was. However, she had to be very careful. If the moonlight shone on her, she would turn back into a wolf right away. So the princess went back to the castle and took the prince and made the dangerous journey back to the witch. They had to hide from large beasts, move through dark caves, walk through thick swamps, and along the way, the princess got flowers for the prince. The prince liked reading, and always dreamed of the flowers he read of in the books, since there was never any in the castle garden. At the end of one night they had to find a place to rest..."

Syntax noted the tedium of typing on a mobile phone and we agreed to continue the story next time. Meanwhile I wrote my version of the ending.

The forest was a dangerous place. That very night, they were attacked by beasts of the darkness. The prince tried to make sense of the commotion, but the raging sound only terrified him. He dared not move. His heart raced. He broke down as soon as he was awoken by the slashing claws and gnawing teeth. He let out a blood-chilling scream of terror mingled with the deepest of despairs which was cut short as his body was torn to pieces. Blood splattered everywhere. The wolf helplessly watched the tragedy unfurl in slow motion but she could do nothing as she was tied up fighting hoards of beasts. As he was dying, the prince wondered why he was persuaded to follow of the path of pain and peril. Hope was extinguished as his life was drained away. "I am dying. I don't want to die." the last remaining consciousness of the prince remarked. He tried to think of the happy moments of his short life. "My parents... are better off without me, now that I am blind. My gardens... are flowerless. My friends give me no solace... because they never existed. I haven't finished reading the book. What is ending like? Ah, I am blind. Who am I? Why do I exist? Where am I going? Ah, I am going to die."

The wolf in shock mustered tremendous strength. She growled her most menacing growl. The beasts of the darkness retreated. She gathered the flesh of the prince into a bloody bundle. With the prince dead, she swiftly made the trip to the witch, who only offered to bury the prince, as it was beyond her power to revive the dead. The wolf lived in regret and sorrow ever since. She questioned every single choice she had made along the way. Sometimes she sang to lament her sadness, but the lyrics came out hoarse and ugly.