The Maze Explorer and Coffee

The maze was a well-designed structure. The signs were truthful, but Tuji still got lost. Wifi and mobile connection both worked except that the map refused to tell Tuji the height information. Paths ended abruptly. Yet staircases led forward from upstair or downstair storeys in a teasing fashion. At certain locations one got a bird's eye view of winding paths, crossing staircases and intricate gardens for tired souls. Tuji pondered if he had seen the scene from another angle. It is hard to tell from its shadow what the object is.

Soon he encountered dining facilities, coffee shops, studying areas and bathrooms. Gradually he managed to match the names of places to those cryptic symbols on the signs. If Tuji had had a definitive place in mind, he could have followed the signs to reach the place effortlessly. Yet he wanted to know how the maze was put in place. He diverted into hidden branches and got ever more lost in its folds and loops.

He learned the language of the maze. The first word he figured out was the word corresponding to coffee. Let K denote the word. It is not exactly coffee but coffee plus a copious amount of sugar. Thus Tuji set his heart on learning the phrase for no sugar. Suveh Nux? Up to this day he is still trying out the multitude of combinations of operators that shape K.