This Domain

Due to the shift of my social circle, I probably don't need this identity and, consequently, this domain any more. (Not up for sale, ever.) I find my new real life friends supportive of my art endeavour, in stark contrast to all the belittlement of past 'friends'. There is no incentive to keep myself from others any more.

Should I keep this domain? I think most others will tell me that if I find it fun and if it is financially viable, then I should keep it. Thus I totally will continue whining about maths here.

Even though I am not very into programming, if something bugs me enough and a solution lies in doing some programming, I will sit down and write some stuff. Did anyone see my ridiculous script for combining selected pages of several pdf files? I personally like the command line interface very much. When you apply for jobs and are constantly asked to submit required material in one pdf file... Yeah, I applied to too many jobs.