Today's Worries

Recording all the worries of the day.

Brexit deal. Ireland island.

It seems that those who voted for Brexit were disillusioned. They are not getting the benefits that they imagined Brexit would bring. Welcome to reality.


Yeah, we all have mixed feelings toward combinatorics.

My last chance of understanding Tits tree.

Got totally distracted by bikes and a seminar talk. Still crawling the pages.

Where do I have lunch fast?

Got lured to a coffee shop and started the bike topic.

The importance of high-quality steel.

A steel hoop of my bag snapped. It is just hard to imagine steel snapping like plastics. It does if it has imperfections. Used my keyring as a temporary hoop. I hate those low-quality goods, those manufacturers without scruple, those people who chase after low prices and our society which make people manufacture without scruple and chase after low prices.


Thought about bikes and did not concentrate enough to understand the thing.

My unique shot of understanding of 2-categories.

Probably no time today.


Continue painting.