Travel Agenda

Of course, I don't have a travel agenda. I sleep late into morning and read something on stacks. I just feel like learning about this, even though I feel reading other stuff should help more. A lot of complication arises out of algebraic stacks. In fact topological stacks are quite straight forward. People just want to have a collection of families over a topological space, something close to fine moduli space which in many cases do not exist due to automorphisms of items. In the algebraic case, however, people are messed up by the Zariski topology that lack opens. To fix this problem, people extend the idea of topology by allowing non-injective "open subsets". I think this is the idea behind stacks, but then we want to use them and flesh out the theory. I had used stacks already, though only superficially, before I learned the actual definition. This concept grew out of examples like moduli spaces of elliptic curves rather than coming into existence in a top-down fashion. In the hierarchical order, a stack is a... category, which says nothing at all. Once the concept is formed, people may grow it out of recognition and may teach it in the top-down fashion. Anyway I digress.

Then in the drowsiness after lunch, I feel like going out to have fun. Then I just go. Some days I feel tired and do nothing. Ticking off items on the to-visit list is not my priority.

I like it here very much. Things are easy with no strings attached. I really like the plan that comes with the sim card I bought here. Food is simple and cheap and I don't worry about getting sick from stale food. It is easy to get to places by public transportation. People are helpful. They suggest what is best for you rather than mixing in some ulterior motive. One does not need to overdo one's homework to avoid traps. Thus I feel really relaxed. I need my paranoia that has been sapping my energy to go away. In this world, there are also places that like to make things difficult...