Treatise on love

Tuji decides to write a treatise on love. Thus Tuji begins with a definition to make precise the object under study.

Definition 0.1: Love is, oh crap, I have no idea what it is.

Like quantisation, there is no settled definition of love. Thus we examine certain examples and try to see a common pattern. We note that sometimes love is abbreviated as `❤' to avoid clutter.

Example 0.2: The following is an example of love we see in daily life. One puts some code on GitHub and GitHub provides one with a snippet to embed the code into one's site or blog etc. When rendered, it produces love!

GitHub Love

Example 0.3: The bottle of shampoo in Tuji's bathroom has text `manufactured with love in...' on it.

From these two examples it is clear that love involves a care factor. We plan to devise a way to separate the care factor from love and see what other factors there are. No human subjects will be involved in this study.