Tuj using Gulp

Gulp is intuitive and capable. Tuj had been thinking about coaxing git to do the task of zipping certain files in the project directory into an archive for distribution, when his trip with nodejs led him to gulp. He installed gulp and the gulp plugin gulp-zip. Then he made a gulpfile.js somewhat like the one below:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var zip= require('gulp-zip');

gulp.task('dist', function () {
    return gulp.src(['package.json','**/*.js','!node_modules/**/*'],{base:'.'})

This is quite self-explanatory: pass the files through zip and write the result to dist/tujtuj.zip under the current directory. Then Tuj copied the tujtuj.zip into a USB drive and handed it to... So corporeal at the very end.

One question. Why does it take quite long for nodejs to start up?

[Update: so many vulnerabilities! The Gulp api keeps changing!]