Once Tuji was asked how many hours he had spent on something. Wait, the unit is not in years, he was startled. Fine. Let's compute how many hours there are in a year on average. Assume a year has 365 days. Then there are 24*365 = 8760 hours in a year. Wait one also sleeps and eats and plays games. Also Tuji is not very sure of the almanac. Every 4 years there is a leap year and every 100 years the leap year should be a regular year and every 400 year the regular year should be a leap year and so on. Also Earth's rotation is slowing down, so probably we will adjust the almanac. Then the sun explodes and the universe gets gooey. Sorry, Tuji can't figure out the average. Wait, we don't need the average at all. The conversation died in turbulent silence.