Updated to Ghost 2.0

Yeah! I took this chance also to change the theme.

  • No more animation when hovering over cards.  
  • Gone from 3 columns to 1 column on wide screen.
  • Minor tweaks of spacing and locations of some elements.

When you have adjusted all the necessary files in your theme in the development environment and have taken time in the past to write a packing for deployment command in the gulp file, it requires essentially no work to upgrade. Upload the packed zip file of your theme, ask npm to update ghost-cli (and optionally itself), ask ghost to update itself, listen through its complaints on how incompatible your old theme was, ignore those and activate new theme.

Here is my gulp task, if anyone is interested. It just packs the minimally needed files into a zip file which is ready to be uploaded into ghost.

gulp.task('pack', function () {
    return gulp.src(['package.json','**/*.hbs','!node_modules/**/*','assets/js/*.js','assets/built/screen.css'],{base:'.'})

I used to care a lot about the size of this zip file, because my Internet connection was intermittent. Thus I threw out the screenshots of the theme.

Nah, surely no one is interested in the tuj-casper.zip file.