Walking and walking

We found ourselves in a house in the middle of a beautiful place with a hungry stomach. There were the white fluffy clouds, the golden sunshine, the translucent blue sky, the gently shuffling leaves, the sprawling meadow... except that there was no food. Then started our 30-minute trekking towards the nearest supermarket and the 40-minute trekking back loaded with food. On the way we found some tasty-looking red berries, which looked somewhat similar to strawberries. Conclusion: Tuj could do with more exercises to build up muscles.

The next day we had a simple breakfast as usual. Then we started a 50-minute trekking towards an institution for a talk. We went beyond residential areas into thick woods. Cerulean and violet berries were strewn on little bushes. Squirrels bobbed in the sea of fallen leaves. A lake was reflecting its surroundings faithfully. Not a ripple could be sensed. We hastened our steps, while admiring the beautiful woods. We emerged onto concrete road near the end of the trip.

We had wanted to learn the (g, K)-modules and had actually read something on them. (Not going to write the frak g.) Thus the lecture was easy for us. It described various cohomology groups, the group cohomology of the discrete group and its module, the sheaf cohomology of the space and the local system and the (g, K)-cohomology of smooth functions on cosets of the discrete group. They were equal. (One needs notations to write more compactly and precisely.) Then for the (g, K)-cohomology, one can replace the smooth functions by automorphic forms. BTW, isn't it awkward to write maths on narrow blackboards?

We got very very hungry during the lecture, as we expended a lot of energy on walking. The usual ration of breakfast could not carry us through. We rushed to the dining hall and waited in queue where we met an old master. As usual, we could not engage in conversations after shaking hands... We simply continued to stand in queue. We picked up a big meal only to be paid for by another of our kind friends. After the meal, we discussed some Mathematics.

As we got sleepy, the second talk began. It seemed to be some new application of spherical varieties. We still couldn't handle slides. We had some tea and cookie during the break. The second half of the talk was better, because slides were not employed. The speaker explained some interesting examples. This looked like a very promising theory to unify the current mess.

When it was over, we started another 50-minute walk back. We felt that soon we would be really healthy.