Weekend Lounging

We relaxed a bit by playing our dormant Terra Battle 2 account. The beginning is definitely dumb. All that one does is bumping angry orblings around and then slaughtering them. :O It was super boring, especially when you selected a friend with such huge AOE that everything was one-shot. This reduced battles to chores. Chapter 1 took us a week, because it was just so boring and we were occupied. Chapter 2 took us about 3 days, because it was also boring. Then after Chapter 2, there seems to be a big story ready to unfold. Is there a way to review the Hints provided in the game? It threw a 9 x 9 chart of relative strength and weakness of elements in our face at a certain point. Of course, we did not memorise that. Probably it was like FF style. 'Lightning is strong against water' that sort of thing.

Then we studied a bit. It felt weird that suddenly we found things were easy to understand. Perhaps we had been too exhausted by various annoying things back home. Admittedly that there were concepts alien to us. However we could still grasp the general idea and know what to look up to fill the gap.

Then we went for dinner. The sky was magnificent. The streaks of clouds were dyed red by the setting sun, forming intricate patterns in the sky. We edged forward a bit to take a shot. We did not notice that we got into the way of two old ladies. Then they started asking us the way to an auditorium, unaware that we were also alien to this land. We had not finished scouting the land yet. Still we tried to help by looking up the location on our phone on roaming data. Not sure how much intergalactic data will cost us. :3 As we input the location, we noticed that we were connected to local WIFI, though it took about 5 seconds to authenticate us. Praise be to eduroam!!! We did locate the place. However it was not of much help due to on-going construction blocking a main road. Thus they had to go on footpaths, but then this place had too many interconnected footpaths. They wound about and did not intersect at right angles. One could observe tangent paths... agreeing to 2nd derivatives at least... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻