What was I looking at?

So I gave a talk and then received some photos of me giving the talk. I was aware that I lost the audience about 1 minute into the talk, my heart sank and the rest of the time I was not totally conscious. On the one hand, I am not good enough at presenting the ideas. On the other hand, there are definitely things that cannot be conveyed easily.

What was I looking at during the talk? I was definitely not looking at the audience or anything physically present. Obviously I was looking at Carl Sagan's dragon, oops, I mean, the virtual roadmap of the talk in my head... (Hence I cannot drive a car.) Sorry I was not mentally strong enough to be present in both the physical world and the mental world. It still remained a mystery why I was wearing a weird smile. Maybe I was just happy that everything was under control...

At the end, one of the audience asked about what the fuss this was all about. I thought about telling him the importance of being able to name the things and obviously that did not get through.