Why on Earth do humans want to work, even taking up those kind of repetitious work, when they are free to do whatever they like? Is the future society still based on the model of getting wages to pay for livelihood? Yeah, I got to watch Episode 7 of Season 11 of Doctor Who yesterday.

Are they lacking imagination to think up what else they can do after bots take away jobs. Government even put in a minimum percentage on human labour on all levels of jobs. I feel that this regulation hinders long-term human progress by prolonging a status quo that humans are comfortable with. Most people just want a brainless grind-fest in real life.

This doctor does not seem alien enough. How could she not think of the possibility that the system was asking for help? This episode was too easy to see through to me, but it was OK.

Also I imagine the system totally fed up with taking care all the whining organic workers.